Strips and Squares

I started to explore the visual capacity for information to be understood but seriously controlled when shredding paper documents. I’ve found that some interesting works can be caught up in the sections such as ‘Labor’ which can be seen in this piece.

I have been looking at collecting information from Government organisation documents such as the International Labour Organisation, articles written on different countries using forced labour throughout the world and images taken directly from those situations. Although the piece with i display will not explicitly show the imagery and information, the eeriness of those situations should stay with the work. I need to inform the viewer of the contents which has been shredded so the knowledge of that can infiltrate how they view the shredding.

I think I want to explore how dissection can impact the viewers perception of the information stored on the original document. Somehow the content is controlled, we aren’t allowed/ mean to see what its discussing but we can understand snippets of this. I think it would be hard, however, in a gallery setting, to understand form the physical shredding (rather than a clear image such as the one below) what any of the written text or images were discussing. We generally would scan over the shredding and conclude we understand thats all it is- Shredding! I doubt that without any prompting the viewer with investigate the contents of the ┬ádocuments and images therefore I need to consider how I display my work.

I also feel that the work’s conceptual content is firmly embedded in the process of creation. All the squares and strips of paper have been shredded by hand. I hope that the quantity which I create will be dramatic enough for the viewer to be shocked by the labour which will have been involved in the piece of work.


‘Documents Shredded’
Ruth Linnell

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