‘Hidden Behind’

I started to consider how I come move away from the direct photographic manipulation by looking at the application of materials onto the surface of a photograph to conceal whats behind. I started with my initial experimentation with wood as seen in ‘Time consuming Labour’. I found by cutting vertical dissection of wood and placing them over the surface of the image I not only controlled the view but also referenced the blockaded viewpoint you might receive from being behind bars.

However, moving forwards I wanted to look more at the ‘process’ of creation becoming the conceptual driving force behind the work. I started to use materials which came in a singular dense form such as a foam board and a polystyrene board and dissect these into their segments. When working on the black foam board, I pulled apart its structure to collect sections of fluff which were no larger than by pinky nail, using destruction as a form of processing. The idea is that the time which this has taken me to do would be representative of the repetitive nature of forced labour which happens within detention camps.

The concealment of the image behind the medium which I have applied to the surface of the imagery also comments to the common concealment of forced labour as an issue occurring in detainment environment. I wanted the work to be counter intuitive in that rather than revealing the truth, the work conceals in a form which makes the act of concealing ‘exposed’.

‘Hidden Behind’
Ruth Linnell

The process of creating the work took be two solid days and resulted in sever cramp in my hands. I did, however, feel that the image which I chose to use underneath the imagery didn’t reflect the possibilities which I could have pushed the work to conceptually. I feel that in future, I would want to used more weighted photography which has been taken from within detention camps. I do think it worked having the three pieces next to each other as the central image was able to give away more of the content. However, I feel I need to respond to my crit feedback and actively attempt not to hold onto the representational when showing my work as it sometimes prevents the viewer from creating their own ideas.

I think I do need to consider weather its important for the viewer to have an understanding of the time the work has taken even if this functioned as the time written on the wall next to the work. This could suggest the manual work of the piece whilst not giving away all of the subject matter in an explicit way.

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