Studio Space

I found that displaying my work on the walls of the studio helped me to understand how my pieces ‘exposure’ and ‘white tiles’ could work in an exhibition environment. I had struggled to visualise how my work would sit in space and context when creating this tiled piece as when creating the work it was merely squares which id stacked up, unable to see them all in conjunction with eath-other. Luckily the space I’ve been working in has allowed me to use floor space in front of the wall to display and lay out my work.

Currently the desk is placed off the wall but in-front of the space, so as i’m working, reflecting and researching I have been able t visually reference the work I’ve displayed on the wall and subconsciously been analysing it. I found this particularly helpful when I was looking at how my work can be influenced by the changing light of the location.

The studio space I have currently gets direct sunlight onto the walls in the morning, which I found could play a direct part in my work when looking at the minimalist movement through ‘White White White‘. The light was able to inform the reading of the ‘painting in white’- looking more holistically at the piece in relation to the body and environment.

I have found that my work is situated between that of two painters. The work I am currently creating is very white and pure aesthetically therefore I sometimes become paranoid about the cleanliness of my situation and tend to tidy away all of my work to make sure it doesn’t become damaged. This isn’t an ideal way for me to be working in the space as I find having my work around me and out already encourages me to get started, where as the constant preparation which is involved in working in the space can sometimes be off putting.

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