Time Consuming labour

I started to further explore my earlier investigation of overlaying materials onto photography to conceal information. By working on a larger scale I was more able to emphasis the labour insensitivity which I want to make known in my own work. I think this is increasingly becoming something I want to make evident. I started by completing a large overlay of wooded stripes over my photographs. The process of measuring and cutting each strip of wood, then gluing them onto the paper was very laborious. I want to push this into a tryptic series, standing along side a piece were fluff is added to the photographs surface- each small piece being individually played and repeating this with the application of small polystyrene balls which I will create and lay over its surface.

‘Time consuming labour I’ 2017 Ruth Linnell
‘Time consuming labour II’ 2017 Ruth Linnell


This work will then not only function as a means of concealing a photograph, but also be able to emphasis the energy taken to make the image hidden. This concept could also hold a lot of significance and it comments on the lengths people take to make sure the information they want to conceal is secure from public understanding. This could nod to governments concealing information which they deem unimportant for the public to know. I think it will be important for me to record the process that i take to create the work and the time which I spend – docking in time sessions so I can make known (either by supplementary commentary or directly within the work ) the labour which went into the concealment of the image.

Documentary Photography
Experimental Process-lead work  
Ruth Linnell

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