White Windows

A previous piece of work I had created in my sketchbook in which I used a wooden block to carve the symbol of a barred window into its facade influenced by decision to create a work which replicated the images development. I wanted to move forward from the exposure which I had previously looked by still keeping the focus of meticulous display and sizing, emphasising the time consuming process of the work. I felt that the neutral palette of white and the emphasis on form had a most sophisticated and pioneering interest.

Each piece built up the information which was allowed to be understood. It reminded me of some of Jasper Johns early experimentations with numbers. I really liked how the work sat within the space which I was displaying my work. It naturally embedded itself into the wall, requiring intimate viewing as at a glass you only saw the outline of each square. I think the work maintained the viewers intrigue far more so than the exposed images. I think it equally would be interesting if I had considered displaying these images in one long extending line around the exhibition space, this could have allowed the viewer to journey along the build up of information.

‘White Windows’
Ruth Linnell

I think another really key aspect of the work is that it is CARVED. I would want to consider how the positioning of this work in space could capture the direct sunlight passing over it at one time. This might emphasis its engraving and during different times in the day appear slightly altered. Based upon the photography of each individual square I created a short film which builds up the image, I think the absence of any previous knowledge when watching the film makes the work into a more REVEALING process. I think that making the viewer slowly discover the final image would be more interesting then having all the squares laid out to be digesting in one viewing.

‘White Windows’ film created on Vimeo by Ruth Linnell

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